Hey, just so I am clear.. are you saying that the details you buy of this guy do NOT enable the HBO go app on Roku? Currently no. He has comcast accounts at the moment. Comcast has not allowed their logins to work with the roku app yet. You will be able to use.

Roku is no longer a neutral platform after today’s Roku OS 9.1 update. TechCrunch – Sarah Perez. In the past, Roku seemed to be more of a neutral platform compared with streaming media player rivals like Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV.

I am convinced that we are on the right path to enhance productivity, giving us the means to reinvest in accelerating growth, which is our absolute priority today. My ambition. made and Sodexo.

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Roku is no longer a neutral platform after today’s Roku OS 9.1 update apr 09, 2019 Sarah Perez In the past, Roku seemed to be more of a neutral platform compared with streaming media player.

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Roku Is No Longer a Neutral Platform After Today’s Roku OS 9.1 Update . Rwanda Is Way Ahead On Delivery Drones Alphabet’s Wing Drone Deliveries Are Coming To Finland.. Roku Is No Longer a Neutral Platform After Today’s Roku OS 9.1 Update. 41 comments. Slashdot Top Deals.

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Simplify your home entertainment center with the GE 4 device universal remote. It can control up to 4 different audio/video devices such as your TV, cable, Blu-ray player, DVD, DVR, satellite, audio, sound bars and streaming media players like Roku and Apple TV.

Google Inc. announced last week that the next version of its operating system for Android phones will include a feature that is meant to a help people who feel tethered to their devices. It will let users see how much time they spend on their phones, show which apps they use the most and display how often the phone gets unlocked.